Who is Hero Floki?

Are you looking for a token with the best passive income?
Hero Vault will be a great source of passive income for you!

As a holder, you can claim BUSD and CAKE in the vault every hour by just holding the Hero token alone!

So no matter how the chart may look on the day in question you have a secure way of passive income waiting to be claimed.

Join our Hero Floki Family and you may not need your job anymore! 



Hero Vault

Hero Floki has built the Hero Vault!

What is Hero Vault?

HeroFloki pays his long-term holders!
Every Hours Hero holders can claim BUSD & CAKE from the Hero Vault!

Hero Vault is filled with:

  • 10% of every Buy Transaction
  • 3% of every Sell Transaction
  • 10% of every Transaction between Wallets

Just hold $HERO to earn 4% CAKE and 4% BUSD, a highly potential x100 token, each transaction, automatically every 60 minutes.

How To Claim My BNB?

  • Hold $HERO on your wallet
  • Collect your BUSD and Cake

Just hold $HERO to earn 4% CAKE and 4% BUSD, a highly potential x100 token, each transaction, automatically estimated 60 minutes.

Meet the Team

Our team is fully Doxxed and prepared to ensure Hero Floki will thrive and prosper!


Total Supply


– 40% Pancakeswap Liq. (Locked on DxSale.app)
– 20% for presale & liquidity
– 30% Burn & Marketing
– 10% Developer & Team

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity is locked on DxSale.app for an entire year, we want to show our Hero
investors security and safety is one of our top priorities!

Transaction Fee

  • Buy:10% – to Hero Vault
  • Transaction between Wallets: 10% – to Hero Vault
  • Any Hero or BNB sent to our Contract: 100% – to Hero Vault
  • Sell: 3% – to Hero Vault
  • Sell: 7% – for marketing and development expense


  • August 2021PHASE 1

    • Marketing Push focused on community shilling ✅
    • Website Launch ✅
    • Code Audit In Progress
    • 10,000 Telegram Members In Progress
    • Meme Contest In Progress
  • Q3 2021PHASE 2

    • Marketing focused on Influencers and community shilling In Progress
    • Hero Floki Swap In Progress
    • Listing on CoinGecko In Progress
    • Listing on CoinMarketCap In Progress
    • 50,000 Telegram Members In Progress
    • 50,000 Hero HoldersIn Progress
  • Q3 2021PHASE 3

    • Marketing focused on working with big Companies and SponsorsIn Progress
    • Hero Floki Game
    • 80,000 Hero Holders
    • 80,000 Telegram Members
  • Q4 2021PHASE 4

    • Tesla Giveaway to Promote Hero Floki at 100M Marketcap
    • Hero Floki Everywhere
    • Celebrity Marketing
    • 100,000 Hero Holders
    • Hero Floki Lottery ✅
    • Community Airdrop #1
  • Q1 2022PHASE 5

    • 500,000 Hero Holders
    • DEX Chart Tool with unique features
    • Community Airdrop #2

How To Buy Hero

  1. Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension or mobile app.
  2. Setup your account & add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.
  3. Use Binance / another exchange to purchase BNB and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address.
    Or if you already have BNB, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.
  4. Head over to the Pancakeswap Exchange and swap your BNB for $Hero. If you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $Hero.

$Hero SWAP$

Hero Swap is our decentralized exchange platform that helps people easily swap any BEP20 token for Hero token.

It is backed by PancakeSwap, the biggest BEP20 DEX platform in the world. The more and the longer Hero token you hold, the more benefits you will get!


Join our Hero Family ❤ to get the latest announcements and stay up to date.


Very Soon
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Very Soon


10% of every buy transaction and 3% of every sell transaction are taken and accumulated to the reward pool in BUSD and CAKE.
All Hero holders can claim their reward every hours from that pool based on their Hero holding percentage.
This is our Hero Vault!

The amount of rewards you can claim is [ current BUSDs and CAKEs in the reward pool ] x [ your holding % of Hero ]

Cool, isn’t it?

Note that the reward pool is shared with all other holders, so it will decrease whenever others claim their BNB.

But no worries!
It will be filled up again whenever new transactions are made ( either selling or buying ).